This is an invitation for all clubs/federations (national or regional teams) to play more games in your area. We want to make more Euroleagues in different parts of Europe. If enough men's teams contact us, we can make a Men's Euroleague (there is interest in The Netherlands).

Aim of the Euroleague is to build a competition with international impact and credit.

It is a competition for teams that are looking for

- Games because of a low number of teams in their country competitions

- Looking for a bigger program due to a high number of players

- With limited budgets

- Who desire to play and grow

- Who wish to step over country borders to give players more opportunities

- Wish to enjoy and leverage European spirit

- Who wanna play international games with minimal costs

In 2019 the games were played in Central Europe. Countries that participated in the 2019 season were: Slovakia (2), Croatia (1), Hungary (3), Bulgaria (1) and the Czech Republic (1).

All the teams that want to be a part of Euroleague, or want to make Euroleague in their region please contact us for more information (