The Softball Photo Contest has started and announces its first winner. 

After a week of voting, Gennaro Campagnano's picture was chosen to be the winner of the ''More Than Just Softball'' category, with an amazing amount of 579 points! Campagnano's picture was taken at the derby of the 2018 Italian A2 championship softball between the Jacks Torino and La Loggia. 

Number two and three of this week's round are Daniëlle Zwitzer (497 points) and Marco Napolitano (407 points).

Coming Wednesday, January 15, the new round will start with pictures of the ''Softball Faces'' category. Find the pictures on the Softball Europe Facebook Page

A heads up that the voting system works as follows:
- A like (or Emoji) on the picture counts for one point.
- A share of the picture counts for three points.

Stay tuned and don't forget to vote!