Please introduce yourself.
My name is Rose Mwaro and I'm 20 years old. I'm from the Netherlands and I was part of 2018's National youth teams. At the moment I'm playing softball at Crowder College in America. I'm left handed and play first base and outfield. Back home in the Netherlands, I play in the Golden League with the Pioniers from Hoofddorp.

What made you want to start playing softball?
When I was eight years old, I got a workshop from the local club Almere '90 about softball at school. After this workshop I followed some try out practices and from that moment I was in love with the game of softball.

How did you get recruited for your college team?
I made a video and went trough an agent named Dennis Mertens. He is from a company called Overboarder, based in in Belgium. I posted my video on social media and sent emails to coaches of several colleges. My video was picked up by multiple colleges and I had a Skype meeting to talk everything through. In the end, I decided to go to Crowder. For me it was really important to get the max out of myself and after talking to the coach this felt as the best choice.

What do you think are the biggest differences between softball in the Netherlands and the USA?
Softball is a very populair sport and played by a lot of people in the USA. The level is higher and the passion for the sport is much bigger. It is so much easier to combine sport and school and everything is at the same location.

What does a typical week in your college-life look like?
We have workouts in the morning three times a week from 7:30am until 8:30am, and this is strength & condition. Classes start at 9:00am so it's a pretty tight schedule to get ready for school. The school schedule itself differs from day to day. At 15:00 we start with the softball practice until 17.00. In the mean time, I eat all meals at school and do homework.

During the fall we play games against Universities and in Spring we start with the competition and do a lot of traveling. This means you don't have a lot of time and have to plan everything good. Not so much free time but a lot of fun.

What do you enjoy the most about college?
Since we all live at school on campus, there is a strong bond in the team and it feels like a new family. When you're in college you can pick your own classes and they are very flexible. However, the best thing is that you are never alone and there are always people to help you out when you need something.

What do you miss the most about your home country?
My family & friends but also the healthy Dutch food. We eat at school and they only serve typical American food.

What is your softball goal for 2020?
Advance to the Nationals and see all my old teammates there. Tammie with Chipola, Feline and Charlotte with FSW, and Onaisha with Temple.

Do you have advice for anyone that is trying to get into college?
Start with a simple video and start on time! Schools will start to recruit from August. Also, it's very helpful to be connected to a company like Overboarder that will help you to get the paperwork done in the right way. Know what you are looking for, which area, and what kind of package you want. But also what are your ambitions and can your school/coach deliver on them?

- Romy Marinus -