Trying to deal with an unprecedented situation, ESF modified the 2020-2022 calendar for slowpitch club events.

The Coed Slowpitch European Super Cup is an event that takes place every two years and the cancellation of the 2020 event was unwanted circumstance, but the only one available during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Based on the evaluations of the circumstances and the intention to secure international slowpitch club events, ESF decided to postpone for one year instead of cancel the CSPESC 2020. The cancellation would have led to a 4-year gap.

The organizers of CSPESC 2020 Sofia, Bulgaria, agreed to host this event in 2021.

Individual entries to CSPESC 2020 received by December 31, 2019 are automatically valid for 2021 Cup.
New entries are not allowed.
If there will be any other changes (withdrawals, substitutions, ...), the National Federations have the sole right to decide on participating teams.

As scheduled, the next Coed Slow pitch European Super Cup will be played in 2022, and National Federations will nominate the teams based on results of their slow pitch competitions 2020 – 2021.

/ Elda Ghilardi