On Saturday, May 30th at 8 PM (CET), Softball Europe & the European Softball Coaches Association (ESCA) are going live with a new format: the Coach Panel "Strike Zone".

Two main topics, three guests and two moderators for a Saturday Night Facebook Live.
Craig Montvidas, Rachael Watkeys, and Jeroen Swers will be discussing with Ami Baran and Corey Vyner about smart base running and aggressive hitting VS going deep into counts.

Craig Montvidas, born and raised in the United States, is the Coordinator of the European Softball Coaches Association training camps and a member of the International Coaches Commission of the WBSC & the National Fastpitch Coaches Association. 
He started coaching in the Netherlands in 1981 and has gathered years of experience by coaching in Italy, USA, China, Japan, Botswana, Bahamas, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Sweden. He was the Head Coach for the National Women's teams of Netherlands, Greece, and Great Britain.

Rachael Watkeys played softball in Australia and Great Britain for over thirty years. She coached both in Australia and in the United Kingdom for over twenty years. Since 2016, she is the current coach of National Women's of Great Britain after four years coaching the GB U19 National Women's of Great Britain.

Jeroen Swers played Men's fastpitch in Belgium, the Netherlands, and was a component of the Men's Belgian National Team.
He has been a coach for almost ten years in Belgium, France, Sweden, and is currently coaching Women's Fastpitch team Roef! in the Netherlands. Jeroen also coached the Belgian Women's Junior National Team and participated as a coach and as an instructor in the ESCA Camps.

The three guests will be guided through the questions by Ami Baran, ESF Secretary-General, and Corey Vyner, former Canadian professional softball player for over thirty years and coach for Junior's, Men's and Women's National Team of Israel. 

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Join us on Facebook live at 8 PM Central European Time: LINK