June 23 is the World Olympic Day, the day in which the world celebrates the Olympic dream.

Italian ace and future Olympian Greta Cecchetti has been following this dream her entire life and finally managed to qualify to Tokyo 2020 with Team Italy in Utrecht, Netherlands. We asked her a few questions.

What is your greatest achievement in softball?
I would say the greatest achievement is to have become a dependable person for my teammates: I feel the trust of my team both on and off the field. I am also proud to have become a role model for the kids in Italy.

What is your Dream related to softball?
Until last year, I dreamt of having a chance to qualify to the Olympics. Now that we have made it, I dream of competing for an Olympic medal.

What does the word Olympics mean to you?
The Olympics is the top achievement for an athlete. I am still thrilled if I think about the fact that Italy is one of the six countries for softball in Tokyo. To me, the Olympics are the ultimate goal I have been working for my whole career.

You will have to work one more year to reach this goal. How does the wait make you feel? Although I know this was an inevitable decision, it still feels surreal that the Olympics have been postponed. The silver lining is that we have one more year to get ready. This year I will be working hard, and this is an effort I am more than willing to take!

Happy World Olympic Day, keep dreaming!

/ Elda Ghilardi