Euroleague I.

Location: Slovakia

Dates: 16 Apr 2016 to 17 Apr 2016

Type: Not Official

Category: Adult Women


Teams participating in the 2016 Euroleague:

Croatia - Lady Pirates / Princ Zagreb

Slovakia - Trnava Panthers / Apollo Bratislava

Czech Republic - Ledenice Sharks

Hungary - Budapest Astros / Budapest Reds

Austria - Vienna Mosquitos

Three Euroleague tournaments will be held in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Croatia, where all the teams will play together. There will be also two separate tournaments - one in Hungary, where double headers will be played => Croatian vs Hungarian teams, and one that will be hosted by Trnava Panthers where Slovakian teams play against Ledenice and Vienna. Total of 56  regular games will be played during the tournament + 8 playoff games.

Dates and places:

April 16/17 (SVK) - participants: all teams

May 21/22 (HUN) - participants: Lady Pirates/Princ Zagreb/Budapest Astros/Budapest Reds

June 25/26 (SVK) - participants:Trnava Panthers/Apollo Bratislava/Ledenice Sharks/Vienna Mosquitos

August 27/28 (CZK) - participants: all teams

October 08/09 (CRO) - participants: all teams - FINAL TOURNAMENT

contact person: Petra Cizmic: pcizmic@gmail.com

Official Federations

  • CEB
  • Olympic
  • World Anti-doping Agency
  • WBSC
  • Enjoy it
  • Tecnovap
  • Whistle shop
  • Bownet
  • Nieuwe Erf