Women's European Premiere Cup (XLII)

Location: Bollate, Italy

Dates: 19 Aug 2019 to 24 Aug 2019

Type: Official

Category: Adult Women

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The final of the Premiere Cup was a battle between the Italians. After winning all of their games in the opening round as well as in the winners group, it became clear pretty quick that Bollate (ITA) was the first team to qualify for the finals. 

In the bottom first inning, Bollate started off very strong. Because of a double by Jamee Juarez and an error on Bussolengo's side, they took a 2:0 lead in the first inning. From then on, up until the bottom fifth inning no team was able to score more runs. It was Bollate that then expanded to a 3:0 lead because of a hit by Elisa Cecchetti. However, Bussolengo didn't agree with this and so in the top sixth inning, Nerissa Myers did a great job as she tied the game with her 3RBI homerun. 

In the end, Bollate proved to be the strongest team. After Lara Cecchetti hit a triple, it was Laura Bigatton that brought her home by hitting a sacrifice fly ball into center field. Bollate wins the Women's European Premiere Cup 2019 with 4:3

Official Federations

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  • Olympic
  • World Anti-doping Agency
  • WBSC
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