Teams Princ and Medvednica won the titles of senior Croatian Champions.

After winning the Women's Croatian Cup and the Zagreb Cup, Team Princ took the Women's Croatian Championship Title as well. With a 3-1 win against team Medvednicom, Princ won the best-of-5 series of the Croatian National Women's Softball Championship for 2020.

Michaela Haramina won both the best pitcher and the MVP awards.

In the Croatian Men's Softball Championship series, the Medvednica Bears faced the Giants to become the 2020 Croatian Champions.

After the Medvednica Bears won game 1 (7-14), the Giants took game 2 (1-0) to tie the series. Game 3 was dominated by the Giants (14-0), and game 4 went to the Bears (6-2) to take the series to the decisive game.

In game 5, Medvednica took the win for 8-2 to become the 2020 Men’s Croatian Champion.

At the beginning of October, SPAN topped the Giants 3-2 to win the Men's Croatian Cup.

/ Elda Ghilardi
Photos courtesy of the Croatian Softball Federation