In 2021, the Croatian softball season started with the Zagreb Cup, both for Women's softball and Men's Softball.

For Women's, Softball Club Princ became Zagreb Champion for the 19th time. Since 2002, only Lady Pirates managed to beat Princ in 2019.

Four teams took part in the Women's Zagreb Championship: Lady Pirates, Medvednica, Princ Yellow, and Princ Blue.  

Princ Blue and Medvednica battled in the final. Princ took the lead immediately in the first inning, scoring twice. This result remained until the fourth inning, where Princ scored five more runs thanks to several hits and some errors by Medvednica's defense.
Princ pitcher Haramina managed to keep Medvednica scoreless. The final result was 7-0 and Princ became the 2021 Zagreb Cup Champions.

The MVP of the Zagreb Championship was Lenka Gunišová, Ema Vrančić won an award for the best pitcher and Rita Despot the award for best hitter of the Zagreb Championship.

Photo courtesy of Princ Softball Club

For the Men's, the five teams taking part in the Zagreb Cup were Špansko Panthers, Dubrava, Medvednica, Giants, and Span

The final of the Men's Zagreb Cup was played by Giants and Medvednica.
The final result was 12-8 for the Giants, winners of the 2021 Zagreb Cup ChampionsMedvednica took silver and Span took bronze.

As for the individual awards, Bruno Kukolja from Giants was the best pitcher and MVP, and Hrvoje Jerbić from Medvednica was the best hitter.

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/ Elda Ghilardi
Cover photo by Grega Valancic