Looking back upon 2020, Softball Europe President Gabriel Waage comments: "I would like to thank all of you for keeping your national competitions and tournaments alive. I know this season was very challenging and each game, which was played, counts."

Therefor, let's say goodbye to 2020 with the European National Champions:

Italy: after a fifteen-year long wait, Bollate conquered the 13th Italian National title (more info)

Netherlands: the board of the KNBSB made the decision not to declare a National Champion for the 2020 season (more info)

Czech Republic: team Joudrs is the 2020 Czech Women's National Champion (more info) and Men's Czech Title went back to Havlíčkův Brod (more info)

Russia: RusStar Softball won the Russian National Championship (more info)

Spain: CBS Rivas became the Spanish National Champion for the second consecutive year (more info)

Germany: the Wessling Vermins became the 2020 German Champion (more info)

Poland: Panthers Wrocław Softball is the 2020 Polish National Champion (more info)

Ukraine: for the third time in history, Kropyvnytskyi won the Ukrainian softball National Championship (more info)

Austria: the 2020 Austrian CoEd Slowpitch Champions is the Linz Witches & Bandits (more info) and the Witches Linz also became the Women's Austrian National Champion (more info)

Croatia: Princ is the 2020 Women's Croatian Champions and Medvednica is the Men's National Champion (more info)

Switzerland: The Swiss Women's National Champion is the Zurich Barracudas (more info) and the Swiss Toros are the Slowpitch National Champions (more info)

Slovakia: BK Apollo is the 2020 Slovakian National Champion (more info)

Denmark: the Odense Giants won the 2020 Women's Danish title (more info) and the Stenløse Bulls conquered their seventh Men's Danish Title (more info)

Serbia: The 2020 Serbian COED slowpitch National Champion is Team Voša (more info)

Bulgaria: the Akademiks are the 2020 Bulgarian National Champions (more info)

Goodbye 2020!

/ Elda Ghilardi